Kiteboarding is an extreme sport and considered an aviation sport. This is why, high quality lessons with a certified instructor is important.
We create kiteboarders. Many other schools just want to teach you kite playing and take your money. We are serious kiteboarders that give intense lessons to get you riding as fast as possible, while maintaining safety and having fun.

We are an exclusive certified “Cabrinha” School ( worldwide renowned kite brand)

We make kiteboarders with quality standards in a safe environment and friendly ambiance. With a simple lesson plan developed by some of the best kite teachers, we make sure to go step by step to assure a quick and safe progression.

Our lessons are given on Playa Copal, it is a long sandy beach, half-moon shaped with side shore wind, in the middle of the bay without any dangerous obstacles.

A certified instructor is with you at all times. Keeping an eye, correcting errors made while in the water, and providing extra security.

It takes about 6-9 hours to learn kiteboarding. All depends of skills of each and everyone.

-6 hours beginner lesson $270

-9 hours beginner lesson $405

-refresh or up to level course, 2h or 3h at $45/h

all our lesson include all gear and private experienced IKO certified  instructor

we also propose $30 an hour per person in group lesson including all gear (one instructor with 2 students of the same level)

All gear is included in lessons: booties, wetsuit, seat/waist harness, life jacket , helmet, kite, board. It is top of the line Cabrinha and CrazyFly from the latest year. High quality gear is very important in this sport. It is challenging enough without the use of old gear.

Lesson Plan

Land Lesson

  • Equipment description, set up, and safety drill simulation.
  • Wind and location safety awareness: choosing the right spot and right equipment.
  • Recognize proper weather conditions
  • Kite flying: piloting on land, motor skills, understanding the wind window.

Waterstart Drills

  • Board control exercises and first power strokes
  • Stand up while powering the kite
  • Continuous riding downwind
  • Edging
  • Stopping
  • Accelerating
  • Slowing down
  • Edging harder: going upwind

Water Drills

1. Kite Control Drills

  • Steering left and right
  • Kite at neutral
  • Parking the kite
  • Landing and launching
  • Water Relaunch
  • Untwisting the lines

2. Safety Drills

  • Quick release
  • Kite recovery
  • Self-rescue

3. Body Drag Drills

  • One hand control
  • Board recovery in deep water
  • Body dragging upwind and downwind