Kite Rental Gear

Brand new equipment of the year by Cabrinha

You can rent gear if you are a rider and you can go upwind. Or if you cannot quite go upwind you can rent gear if you hire a “kite catcher, $10/h, he launches your kite at one end of the beach, follows you from the beach downwind and grabs your kite at the other end of the beach, walk up with you and do it again.

Full package includes kite, board, harness, booties and wetsuit, 1-day 5hrs $65/day
4 to 6 days discount rate $60/day
7 or more days discount rate $55/day
Kite only rental 1-day 5hrs $45/day
Board only rental 1-day 5hrs $15/day
Harness, Booties or wetsuit rental 1-day 5hrs $5/each per day